Going Green

We like to think we’re signed up to sustainable development, in spirit and in deed. Here are a few of the practices we already have in place to show we’re committed to going green, with more coming on stream as we invest in the business over time.

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There’s a bus stop right opposite us for those looking to tread more lightly on the planet, although we couldn’t be better located to tap into Scotland’s road network for cyclists, bus and car users alike. Alloa is our local rail station, 20 minutes away by car and under 1 hour by cycle. For more information on cycling routes to/from Alloa and Stirling, please go to the Cycling section in our Out and About webpage. Timetables for bus and rail can be supplied. With the abundant hills and glens around Baldiesburn, we are of course delighted to welcome walkers. We offer secure storage space for sports equipment, and drying facilities mandatory for the Scottish climate. Bikes can be hired at Stirling Cycle Hub which we can arrange for you. And after a hard day outdoors or travelling, the old-world charm of the Inn at Muckhart is only a few minutes’ low carbon walk away in the village for a reviving drink of the local brew and a square meal.


In the Kitchen

Wherever possible, we try to prevent waste at source (clean plates is an excellent example), but some materials like teabags and packaging just can’t help happening. So we have the drill for separating these waste resources for recycling off pat, helping Clackmannanshire and Scotland meet their recycling and composting targets into the bargain.  Minimising food waste is close to our hearts, so we’re delighted when guests suggest their portion preferences and will happily provide doggy bags for those tasty leftovers, on request.


On the Plate

Our passion is for using the finest local, seasonal and ethically-sourced produce, wherever possible. We’re developing our garden to increase our own supply of fruit. We also tap into as many organic and free range ingredients as we can get our hands on. The locality is just bursting with honest-to-goodness foods, so why wouldn’t you want to use the best produce going?

From May 2020 David & his team at David McIntosh Milk Deliveries Ltd will be supplying doorstep deliveries of glass bottled milk and free range Egglicious eggs to Baldiesburn & some of our neighbours in Muckhart village.  We are delighted that these local businesses are thriving because of increased demand for lower carbon products that benefit people and planet.


Keeping Baldiesburn Cosy

We have installed maximum loft insulation to reduce the heating the property requires, and all our radiators have thermostats so they can be adjusted to suit guests’ preferences.  Just let us know if they need a tweak!  The wood burning stove in the Breakfast Room keeps our core carbon footprint in check as well as providing its own inimitable atmosphere in the cooler months. The wood fuel for the stove comes from trees cut by carbon-conscious Log Line in Alloa who work sustainably to continuously reduce their ecological footprint for themselves and their customers. Bulb supply Baldiesburn with green electricity.


Saving Water…even in Scotland

The en-suite bathroom and shower have water saving cisterns installed. The en-suite bathroom and shower have water saving cisterns or devices installed.  Our dainty wee guest room kettles minimise water and energy consumption.


Keeping it Green and Clean

All the shower and soap products provided to guests, as well as our cleaning and dishwashing materials, are ‘eco-friendly’. Which is good news for the property’s septic tank and our precious environment. Bathroom products are made in Falkirk by Scottish Fine Soaps and are free from paraben preservatives.


Laundry Matters

Washing is done using low temperature wash cycles whenever possible and phosphate free detergent. We line dry weather permitting and use a pulley for indoor drying sheets, table covers and napkins. We encourage our guests to participate in the towel agreement to help conserve natural resources. We use pump dispensers for our luxury toiletries to reduce packaging waste.


In the Office

We use email wherever possible to minimise resource use.  When we do use paper is from recycled stock to conserve our trees and is printed with oil-free ink.  For those ecological reasons, we also don’t keep many paper leaflets or brochures on visitor attractions, as we find guests generally know what they’ve got in mind for the day ahead, or are happy to use the internet, or dip into our ample supply of re-usable guides from which to field enquiries and explore their options.

You can read our environmental policy in full here. A signed copy proudly adorns the wall in our porch.